This is a result of my collecting songs over the last 15 years.  I have assembled over 53,500 songs from the 60's that were on 45s from various sources over that time. I grew up in the 60's and consider the songs of that era some of the best that were ever made.  I only collect songs, no vinyl, since I feel the song is the part to collect and share. I am continually looking for more songs to add to my lists.

I co-run a Yahoo group called Tweedlee Dum's Drive-In at Yahoo.  If you are interested in rare and seldom heard songs, it would be a great place to check out.

I also host another music site at Yahoo. Bside45 - The B Side. It features the B sides of songs that hit the top 100 with emphasis on ones that hit the top 40. Plans are for me to archive them here also.  Here is that group's address.

Check out what songs I have. If by chance you see one you have been looking for forever, contact me through one of the above groups, and I will see if I can get it to you.


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